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NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 respiratory illness, we are temporarily reducing the number of occupants in our Residential treatment facilities, which may impact wait times.

If you have a fever, or a cough, or difficulty breathing, we will be unable to admit you until further notice.

We are also taking additional steps by screening clients most at-risk for COVID-19 (including individuals 60 years or older, or those who have an underlying, chronic health condition) which may result in delayed admission.



UPDATE, 3/31/2020: Due to social distancing restrictions, all visitors and vendors must obtain authorization before entering ARC Residential Facilities.

• To discuss options or arrange entry to Reddy House, please call (541) 200-1650


Reddy House Residential Treatment for Women and New Mothers is a substance use disorder treatment program that aims to break the multi-generational cycle of addiction while offering individuals and their families an opportunity to choose a healthier way of life.

In addition to evidence-based addiction treatment methods for women, clients admitted into Reddy House Residential Treatment will also receive education specifically designed for pregnant women and new mothers where appropriate, including parenting, breast feeding, nutrition and cooking, safe sleeping, life skills, body image, shopping and more.

Clients will build life skills and resilience in a calm & nurturing environment to ultimately lead a life in recovery.

Additionally, new mothers will also learn the skills to be a committed and present parent for their children while reducing the risks of child abuse and neglect.

Learn more by calling us at (541) 779-1282.