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NOTICE: Effective immediately, we are temporarily suspending admissions and assessments through our Walk-In Clinic, and all face-to-face interaction with clients in our outpatient programs. This is based on the most recent state and local recommendations in response to social distancing requirements in the face of a potential COVID-19 outbreak in our area. 

If you are a current client, we will soon be conducting individual sessions via telehealth. TeleHealth is a counseling session with your primary counselor or Certified Recovery Mentor done by phone or by video.

If you are currently scheduled for an appointment, we will call you to let you know how to access your counselor virtually in the near future. If you would like to schedule an appointment, have further questions, or would like to ensure we have your most updated contact information, please call us at (541) 779-1282.

If you are a patient of our Addiction Medicine Clinic, your office visits and prescriptions with Dottie Oliveira, LNP, will continue in-person. However, OBOT groups are cancelled until further notice.

Addictions Recovery Center outpatient services include all the ASAM outpatient levels of care as well as the following specialty programs and services:

Group and Individual Therapy
Medication-Assisted Treatment and Addiction Medicine Clinic
Mental Health Services
Recovery Opportunity Court
Community Family Court
DUII Classes
Domestic Violence Awareness Programs (DAAP)
Gambling Addiction Treatment

To start your journey towards a healthier way of life, visit our Walk-In Clinic.