In an effort to respond to the opiate epidemic currently experienced in Jackson and surrounding counties, Addictions Recovery Center, Inc. has added Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and an Addiction Medicine Clinic (AMC) to its continuum of care.

By merging prescribing services with our broad array of evidence-based behavioral health treatment, ARC hopes to better meet the client’s needs, and better support their long-term, sustained recovery.

MAT services are designed to reduce the risk of overdose, HIV, hepatitis, and other complications of opioid use by prescribing Buprenorphine to clients suffering from Opiate Use Disorder who meet medical necessity. We also use naltrexone which can help with alcohol and/or opioid use.

A treatment plan for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders may also be crafted, with services specific to the unique needs of the individual. These services, including Certified Recovery Mentor support, are also offered to clients prescribed for by other MAT community providers. 

For more information, or schedule an assessment or appointment, please call our main line at (541) 779-1282.