The mission of Addictions Recovery Center, Inc. is to offer individuals and their families a healthier way of life.

ARC’s Core Purpose is to empower individuals and families on their recovery journey by fostering healing, hope, and resilience through compassionate care, evidence-based treatment, and comprehensive support.

Addictions Recovery Center’s primary purpose shall be that which supports or provides services related to addictions, behavioral and related health or human service issues, including: prevention, withdrawal management, treatment and recovery support for individuals, families, and the community.

We believe individuals with coexisting mental health issues should have both disorders treated in an integrated way. Because substance and mental health disorders often occur in the same individual, patients presenting for either condition should be assessed and treated for the co-occurrence of the other type of disorder.

Medications can be an important element of treatment for clients, especially when combined with counseling and other behavioral therapies. This can be effective stabilizing opiate dependency, alcoholism, and nicotine addictions. For mental health issues, both behavioral treatment and medications can be critically important.


Resilience We persevere in the face of challenges while understanding the importance of caring for ourselves in the process.

Support We are welcoming to others and create pathways to desirable solutions.

Unconditional Positive Regard We recognize that everyone has value and is deserving of respectful interactions.

Collaboration We strive to work together effectively and are accountable to each other, our community partners, and the clients and patients we serve.

Equity We stand up for the people who need us most by pushing back against stigma and removing barriers.

Transparency We are committed to open, honest, and clear communication to foster trust and model accountability for one another, our community, and the people we serve.