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NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 respiratory illness, we are temporarily reducing the number of occupants in our Residential treatment facilities, which may impact wait times.

If you have a fever, or a cough, or difficulty breathing, we will be unable to admit you until further notice.

We are also taking additional steps by screening clients most at-risk for COVID-19 (including individuals 60 years or older, or those who have an underlying, chronic health condition) which may result in delayed admission.



UPDATE, 3/31/2020: Due to social distancing restrictions, all visitors and vendors must obtain authorization before entering ARC Residential Facilities.

• To discuss options or arrange entry to Reddy House, please call (541) 200-1650

• To discuss options or arrange entry to Mason Center, please call (541) 200-1572


Addictions Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment programs are a planned regimen of 24-hour, professionally directed evaluation, observation and substance use disorder treatment in an inpatient setting.

Each client receives an individually designed plan focusing on long-term recovery skills that help improve overall health, including physical and emotional well-being. Education explores addictive behaviors, brain function and personal responsibility, and helping the client toward integrating new skills and behaviors in their daily life.

Group and individual treatment therapy is also employed to ensure positive peer support relationship building, a reduced feeling of isolation and the hope, support and encouragement necessary for a successful life in recovery.

To learn more about our program for Women and New Mothers, please visit the Reddy House Residential Treatment Center page.

To learn more about our Men’s residential treatment program, please visit the Mason Center for Residential Treatment page.

To learn about how you can bring your dog into treatment with you, please click here: ARC PET PROGRAM

To start your journey towards a healthier way of life, visit our Walk-In Clinic.