Addictions Recovery Center recognizes the therapeutic benefit of having animals as part of treatment. That’s why ARC is proud to offer a safe and healthy environment for our clients – and in some cases their pets. This opportunity is extended to dogs and limited to our Residential Facilities and ARC Transition Houses.

All potential visiting or residing dogs undergo a formal aggression and behavioral evaluation as set forth by the American Humane Society’s SAFER Evaluation Program. The SAFER evaluation is performed by a designated staff member who has undergone SAFER training. Addictions Recovery Center reserves the right to evict any pet that it deems dangerous or disruptive at any time without notice.

All animals in our facility must be in good health, free of parasites, up-to-date on immunization and have proof of current rabies vaccination. Dogs must be bathed within the first 24 hours of entering our facility and no less than a monthly basis thereafter.

Addictions Recovery Center does not support the release of animals to any “kill” shelters.  Clients wishing to have their pet in treatment must provide a verifiable guardian with whom their pet may stay should the pet be deemed inappropriate for our facility.