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Addictions Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment program is a planned regimen of 24-hour, professionally directed evaluation, observation and substance use disorder treatment in an inpatient setting.

Each client receives an individually designed plan focusing on long-term recovery skills that help improve overall health, including physical and emotional well-being. Education explores addictive behaviors, brain function and personal responsibility, and helping the client toward integrating new skills and behaviors in their daily life.

Group and individual treatment therapy is also employed to ensure positive peer support relationship building, a reduced feeling of isolation and the hope, support and encouragement necessary for a successful life in recovery.

Co-ed residential treatment services are currently provided at 16 S. Peach Street in Medford (the Christine Mason Residential Treatment Center).

Reddy House in Medford is expected to open in Spring 2019. The facility will have 14 beds for women with admission priority for pregnant women and women with a newborn up to 6 months of age.  At this time the S. Peach Residential Center will convert to an all men’s facility with 25 total beds.