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Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) now offers medically-monitored detoxification and stabilization services to individuals in need.

The goal of ARC’s detox program is to provide patients with a physically and emotionally stable environment to complete the detox process and prepare for transition into treatment.

Staff will work with patients to devise and implement an individualized, evidence-based treatment plan using methods approved by both the State of Oregon Health Authority and ARC’s Medical Director.

Eligibility for admission is determined by an admission screening procedure to include, as appropriate:

• Substance use history
• Medical and psychological history
• Family, interpersonal, employment and legal status
• Need for, and ability to benefit from, treatment services

During treatment, a Licensed Medical Professional will be available to provide daily, on-site monitoring of care and evaluation, and available 24 hours a day by phone to address immediate needs. ARC will also provide individual or group motivational counseling sessions as well as client advocacy and case management services as needed.

Patients who successfully complete ARC’s Medically-Monitored Detox Program will immediately enter into a treatment program for substance use disorder, either at Addictions Recovery Center or at another agency.