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Christine Mason
President & CEO

Phil Bettin
Chief Programs Officer

Dr. Shawn Sills
Chief Medical Officer

LoriP (edit!)

Lori Paris
Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Dr. Darryl Inaba
Clinical & Behavioral Health Services Director

Jim Gochenour (Staff Page)

Jim Gochenour
Development Director

Danni Swafford (Staff Page)

Danni Swafford
IT Systems Director

Glenda Wilson
Compliance and Quality Improvement Director

Sharilyn Cano
Director of Human Resources

Sandy Worthington
Medical Services Clinic Manager

Robert Herried
Outpatient Clinical Manager

Debbie Craft
Residential Clinical Manager


Christine Mason, President & CEO
Phil Bettin, Chief Programs Officer
Dr. Shawn Sills, Chief Medical Officer
Lori Paris, Chief Finance & Operations Officer
Dr. Darryl Inaba, Clinical and Behavioral Health Services Director
Jim Gochenour, Development Director
Danni Swafford, IT Systems Director
Glenda Wilson, Compliance & Quality Control Director
Sharilyn Cano, Director of Human Resources
Sandy Worthington, Medical Services Manager
Bob Herried, Outpatient Clinical Manager
Debbie Craft, Residential Clinical Manager


Dawn Gosson, HR Specialist
Mary-Anne Graham, Chief Executive Assistant
John Mahoney, IT Supervisor
Shannon Haas, Database Coordinator
Candy Boerwinkle, Data Specialist

Monique Burchell, Data Entry
Audry Hall, Medical Records Technician

Debbie McElheran, Finance Coordinator
Tammy Sona, Finance Coordinator
Caryn McLane , Community Response Coordinator
Shelaine Quall, Receptionist
Ladd Brubaker, Development Associate
Joe Wilson, Communications Coordinator
Bob Bowers, Facilities Maintenance Engineer


Darryl Inaba, Pharm.D., Clinical and Behavioral Health Services Director
Robert Herried, Outpatient Clinic Manager
Debbie Craft, Residential Clinic Manager
Anne Beaufort, Mental Health Supervisor
Jennifer Miatke, Counselor – Mental Health Professional
Noel Chaney, Counselor – Mental Health Professional
Jackie Jones, Outpatient Counselor, Outreach Assessor
Shawnee Dale, Care Coordinator
Kelly McGee, Public Reception
Nathan Olson, Specialty Programs Supervisor
Shawn Baehmann, Counselor
Lynette Bloom, Counselor
Carrie Chisholm, Counselor
Constance Chappell, Counselor
Ben Chown, Counselor
Laurie Denning, Counselor
Tracy Eager, Counselor
Emily Espinoza, Counselor
Kirk Garcia, Counselor
Adrianna Jumping Eagle, Counselor
Paul Rock, Counselor
Lisa Sword, Counselor
Lisa D. VanCurler, Counselor
Jessica Williams, Counselor
Marie Bagley, Support Services Supervisor
Torsten Kamrath, Peer Support Specialist
Allan Rucker, Peer Support Specialist
Julie Rucker, Peer Support Specialist
Joni Brands, Intern
Lona Dillard, Intern
Stephen Sleezer, Intern


Sabrina Leyva, Intake Care Coordinator
Ralph Tinsley, Residential Unit Supervisor
Tray Byars, Residential Unit Technician
Becky Clark, Residential Unit Technician
Serena Cushman, Residential Unit Technician
Kathleen Parsons, Residential Unit Technician
Krystal Perkins, Residential Unit Technician
Eric Richardson, Residential Unit Technician
Tashina Stockfleth, Residential Unit Technician
Stephen Dyer, Food Services Supervisor
Stephanie Coates, Food Services
Mary Brandon, Food Services
Matt Powers, Food Services
Susan F. Sorenson, Food Services


Dr. Shawn Sills, Chief Medical Officer
Darryl Inaba, Pharm.D., Clinical and Behavioral Health Services Director
Sandy Worthington, Medical Services Manager
Stacy Thompson, Care Coordinator
TBD, Nurse Supervisor
Tralana Deland, Licensed Practical Nurse
Amy Goodwin, Licensed Practical Nurse
Kimberly Harshman, Licensed Practical Nurse
Cassie LeMay, Licensed Practical Nurse
Rebecca Mecham, Licensed Practical Nurse
Niki Phleger, Licensed Practical Nurse
Undefined, Residential Health Services Supervisor
John Plotycia, Health Services Technician
Nayumi Camacho, Medical Technician
Monica Clayton, Medical Technician
Mercedes Cortes, Medical Technician
Lance  Herring, Medical Technician
Irene Johnson, Medical Technician
Tori Noon, MedicalTechnician
Amanda Nuckolls, Medical Technician
Madeline Reeder, Medical Technician
Travis Stickland, Medical Technician
Amanda Wuss, Medical Technician