MEDFORD, Ore. – Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) has announced the appointment of Lori Paris as their new President and CEO. Paris will succeed long-serving CEO Christine Mason, who announced her retirement late January 2018.

Paris first joined the ARC team in 1998 as the agency’s Business Manager, bringing with her a wealth of experience in Financial Management, Project Oversight and Business Operations. This allowed her to establish financial management and reporting processes for ARC that have allowed the organization to successfully adapt to sustained growth that continues to this day. In 2001, Paris left Southern Oregon for the Midwest, joining the team that built a new student information system for the University of Iowa. Despite having a significant and lasting impact on the school, its students and staff, Paris said it was her time at the ARC that had the most significant impact on her.

“I left the ARC to tackle other challenges in other places, but the impression ARC left on my heart stayed with me,” Paris said. “While other jobs were rewarding in many ways, they did not have the same meaning for me.”

In 2013, Paris returned to Southern Oregon, and rejoined Addictions Recovery Center as the agency’s Finance Director. While the organization had certainly grown and changed, she notes, “The heartbeat I remembered continued to beat throughout the agency – the same one that had such an impact on me all those years before.”

In the intervening years, ARC had grown from a budget of $750,000 to a budget in the millions. The staff had grown from about 20 to more than 50. And today, Addictions Recovery Center employs 120 staff members, and serves more than 3,000 individuals and families annually. ARC’s continuum of services includes addictions treatment, mental health therapy and medical withdrawal services, in residential and outpatient settings, in three locations across Medford.  ARC also operates the only Medically-Monitored Detox facility in the Southern Oregon region. And much of this was made possible to the work Paris and Mason did together, strengthening the foundation of ARC to make it an innovative industry leader.

“Lori has a keen grasp of all ARC operations and a demonstrated passion for the work we do,” said Mason, in a statement to staff announcing Paris as the next CEO. “I can’t imagine a better choice.”

Looking to the future, Paris said she’s intent on guiding ARC towards the future by relying on the organization’s most valuable assets: the staff and their community collaborations.

“By strengthening our common vision, as well as building upon the strong foundations of our various partnerships, we will continue – as we long have – to respond dutifully to the changes and needs in our environment and community,” Paris said. “Longer term,’ she added, “We will continue to recruit professional and compassionate individuals for the positions needed to support our expanding programs and services.”

It is this commitment to Addictions Recovery Center, its staff and clients, and its role in the community, that led to the selection of Paris for this position. According to ARC Board President Shae Johns, “Lori knows the team, and knows the ARC. She is going to develop her own vision, her own plan, and lead the agency into the future.”

Paris’ first day as ARC President and CEO is June 1, 2018.

Addictions Recovery Center is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) agency that has offered affordable, confidential, and individualized treatment services in Southern Oregon for 45 years.