MEDFORD, Ore. — Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) is excited to introduce our new President and CEO Lori Paris, who takes over for retiring CEO Christine Mason on June 1.

Christine announced plans for her retirement to the ARC Board of Directors 18 months in advance, launching a transition planning process that began early in 2017. In October 2017 the Board began recruiting for Christine’s replacement, ultimately selecting Lori as the next President and CEO.

Lori has a long history with ARC. As Finance Director from 1998 to 2001, she provided the needed expertise that assisted the agency in establishing financial protocols for growth and risk management. Lori returned to ARC in 2013 as our Chief Finance and Operations Officer and has been an integral part of leadership since that time.

The transition plan was completed in April 2018, well ahead of schedule. Christine will remain available for consultation through June 2018.

Rapid Growth
Lori assumes the mantle of President and CEO during a period of continued growth. Responding to community demand for our services is our priority, and meeting the needs of those that walk through our doors looking for help is at the heart of our values. To that end, ARC has been implementing a deliberate and sustained expansion of our programs, staff and facilities since late 2015 to accommodate current and future community needs. In that time, we have acquired a 26,000 square foot, four building facility on East Main Street, and an additional, adjacent 18,000 square feet of office space. Our staff has grown from approximately 60 to now more than 130 clinical and operations professionals. Since launching our expansion, we’ve increased the number of clients served by 25% the first year and are on target to increase an additional 25% by the end of this fiscal year.

The Future
This year we expect to open a stand-alone Addiction Medicine Clinic, a third transition home for up to six individuals, and residential treatment services for new and expectant mothers. We continue to recruit compassionate and qualified clinical staff to meet the growing demand for services, and are looking for opportunities for clients needing affordable, permanent and safe housing to find a home within the community.

Of course, our growth and success would not be possible without the generous support and collaboration of our community partners. This is why we are pro-actively looking for ways to partner with new individuals, agencies and organizations so that we can all continue to work towards our shared mission of helping individuals and their families choose a healthier way of life.

For more information , visit, or call (541) 779-1282.